How to get quotation for our packing machine

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Author : Mandy
Update time : 2022-10-09 17:43:02
Usually, Client come to visit our website, first question and only question is what's price?
Packing machine is costly,big and heavy, not like small and simple as a pen and a book.
You buy it back, everybody can use it, just like it or not.

Packing Machine is not like that, you buy it back, first condition is not quality,guarantee or anything else.
It's can you use it on your products? is it suitable for your products, can it meet your manufacturing demand, like speed, like Level of automaticity, you need it work fully automatically or, use it match working with your workers? etc.
So your demand,requirement it's most important for us.
So if you can provide these datas,such as, what's product you need to pack? what's size of your product ? what's speed you need? 
We will know is it your product fit our standard machine, or need to customize it for you.
Now is it clear why we always ask you so many question before we quoting? we just want you can get a suitable machine !
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